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Founded with the mission of telling global stories to a broad audience, Filmfabrik has evolved into a multi-platform media production and distribution company with offices throughout Europe. For over twenty years, the hallmarks of Filmfabrik’s documentaries and feature films have been innovation and a focus on social themes. Long-standing co-operations with broadcasters are not limited to the German market. For this reason, and thanks to advanced financial models, international cinema and TV productions can be placed within the global film market. Through a collaboration between Filmfabrik Cologne and Filmfabrik Istanbul in 2009, television movies, television series and feature films are being produced for the Turkish-speaking world as well as for the international market.

The focus of Filmfabrik stories are man and his reality. Nothing is more exciting, more inspirational or dramatic than life itself… and what could be more exhilarating than seeing it on screen? Rewarded with numerous national and international awards, Filmfabrik stands for great stories of greater men.