In the Kurdish village “Youngest Heart“ not only the walls are unconventional, but also the people. They care about their domestic animals and are sons of the soil. The outside World is of little interest to the villagers.
Thirteen-year-old “Devil“ Pascha and his gang are always to blame for anything that adds to the chaos in the village.
With enthusiasm and cheekiness, he plays pranks on the others, be it the Mullah of the Village, his mother or his sister. His wild temperament and tricks only lead to more disorder between the children and the adults in the village.
One day a fat German soprano singer visits the village. She wants to live there for a while to write her doctoral thesis on Kurdish folk dancing and singing. The feudal lord Ali Aga, the Mullah, and in fact all the men, dream of marrying the yellow-haired woman. She does not understand what is going on in the village, but “Devil“ Pascha does and uses this get up to new mischief.
At the beginning there is commotion, but as time goes by, the woman becomes part of village life. Her singing gets increasingly louder and she even sings in Kurdish. While the villagers start to show an interest in the stranger, the war draws closer and threatens to envelop them. The fat yellow haired woman abandons her folk dances and singing and develops into an alert observer of the situation as the region turns into a military zone.
Due to the precarious circumstances, the villagers insist that their guest, whom they have grown very fond of, leave the village.
For “Devil“ Pascha and his friends, the time of growing up begins. They join the partisans.
Shortly after the yellow-haired woman´s departure, the army attacks the villages and „Youngest Heart“ are completly destroyed. The inhabitants flee to the city.
The former „gang“ flees to Europe and those who have stayed behind in the town are left with melancholy and their memories of the Yellow Days.

drama / 2002 / Germany / 35 mm / Color


83 min.


Ravin Asaf


Ravin Asaf


Kadir Sözen


Erdal Kahraman


Sandra Steffl, Hogar Tanya, Hama Ali Chan, Shamal A. Rash


Filmfabrik GmbH

World Sales

Filmfabrik GmbH


Filmfabrik GmbH


39. Antalya International „Golden Orange“ Film Festival - Best cinematography - Best art direction