Drama / 2008 / Deutschland, Türkei


Yusuf was sent to jail in the 1990’s because of his political commitment to democracy. Ten years later, he gets released for health reasons. He returns to his home country, somewhere behind the Black Sea, but finds only his sick mother. His father died during his imprisonment, and his older sister has married and lives elsewhere. Except for Mikhail, his childhood friend, Yusuf is the only man left in the village, as economic problems have driven all the others into the city. One evening the two friends go to the next town to grab a drink. In a bar they meet Eka, a prostitute from Georgia. Yusuf falls in love with her and clings to her in the hope that she will help him overcome his loneliness and give him a reason to live. But for Eka, Yusuf is like a character from another time and place – similar to those that she already knows from her beloved Russian novels. After a few encounters, the two must accept the painful truth that the love between them has no future …

drama / 2008 Germany & Turkey / 35 mm / Color


100 min.


Özcan Alper


Özcan Alper


Kadir Sözen, F. Serkan Acar


Ersin Çelik


Feza Caldiran


Onur Saylak, Raife Yenigül, Megi Kobaladze, Serkan Keskin


Filmfabrik GmbH & Kuzey Film

World Sales

Media Luna Entertainment


Filmfabrik GmbH


Kanal D


61. Locarno Filmfestival - Art & Essay CICAE / 15. Adana Golden Boll Festival - Best Movie - Best Supporting Woman - Special jury award / 41th Film Critiques Award - Best Movie - Best Script - Best leading Actor - Best Director of Photography / 1. Turk Cell Film Festival - Best Movie / 4. International Eurasia Festival - Netpac Jury Award (Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema) / 9. TBILISI International Film Festival Georgia - Silver Promethous Award / 21. Premiers Plans-Anger´s Film Fetsival - Soundtrack Award / 14. Festival On Wheels - Silver Goose Award / 14. Med Film Festival Rom - Special Mention Award / 2. Yesilcam Ödülü,Istanbul - Best first Movie - Best leading actor / 20. Ankara International Filmfestival - Best Movie - Best Director or Photography - Best Editing - Best Director - Best supporting actress( Megi Kobaladze) - Critical Price