Das Geheimnis der Shaolin Mönche

The secret of Shaolin monks

(Das Geheimnis der Shaolin Mönche)

In Shaolin, a village in China, children are awakened urgently for the rough day ahead. More than 5,000 students attend the Tagou Kung Fu School, the largest martial arts stronghold in the world. The daily routine is determined by military drills, which run ten hours a day. On empty stomachs, the students are herded on to the course by their trainers. This continues day after day, but behind the facade lies a tourist trap, which is a bubbling source of foreign currency in modern China.

dokumentary, documentary / 20 min. / DIRECTOR: Gordan Godec, Stefan Morawietz / CO-PRODUCER:Siggi Hüpen / CAMERA: Klaus Liebertz / PRODUCTION: Filmfabrik GmbH / BROADCASTED: 1996 / NETWORK: Pro 7