Zeit der Wünsche


(Zeit der Wünsche)

The early 1960s. In a dusty Anatolian village, young men are leaving for Germany, where they have been promised work and prosperity. Mustafa is among them. Melike, the young woman, who loves him and whom Mustafa had promised to marry, remains behind, longing for the day he will return. But he doesn´t. After a year elapses and the letters from Germany stop coming, Melike´s parents pressure her to marry Yasar, whom she does not love. She obeys, and after time passes Yasar runs into financial difficulties, and so Melike agrees to go and work in Germany to send money home and support her family. In Cologne, she runs into Mustafa, who now has a German girlfriend. In spite of their new lives and new duties, they realize that their old love has never died…

drama / 2005 / Germany / Super 16 / Color / 2x 90 min. / DIRECTOR: Rolf Schübel / SCREENPLAY: Tevfik Baser, Rolf Schübel / PRODUCER: Kadir Sözen / CO-PRODUCER:Wolf Dietrich Brücker, Bettina Rickleffs / CAMERA: Holly Fink / CAST: Lale Yavas, Erhan Emre, Tim Seyfi, Hilmi Sözer, Maral Schäfer, Marvin Horsch, Katja Studt, Dorka Gryllus, Wanja Mues / PRODUCTION: Filmfabrik GmbH / NETWORK: WDR, BR, ARD-Degeto / AWARDS: „Adolf – Grimme – Preis“ , 2005 Germany