Klaus der Geiger

Violinist Klaus

(Klaus der Geiger)

Violinist Klaus is a voice, an unswerving moralist, an anarchist, an author, an insurgent, a director, a composer, an enfant terrible - but more than anything, he is Germany's most famous and most notorious street musician. He has played for three decades, and claims "To be known as a sore thumb, has it's downsides.” Often, he has paid for “fame" with loneliness. And In times where the old 68ers have become career oriented, his political tenacity has been impressive. Violinist Klaus is one of the few "reliable spoil-sports“.

dokumentary, documentary / 60 min. / DIRECTOR: Kadir Sözen / CO-PRODUCER:Imke Wallefeld, Heike Wilke / CAMERA: Gunther Creamer / PRODUCTION: Filmfabrik GmbH / BROADCASTED: 04.11.2000/10.01.2001 / NETWORK: Arte, WDR