Panzer, Pampas, Pioniere


(Panzer, Pampas, Pioniere)

They came to engage as a peacekeeping force into Kosovo, but after their deployment in Macedonia, the pioneers of the Bundeswehr found a very different calling: to help alleviate the plight of refugees. Captain Martin Eckert and his crew have been busy since Easter with structuring and establishing the refugee camps, and are very motivated and happy to help where they can. In this touching and very funny story, we watch the soldiers raise money for the construction of a playground which they are building for the children after work, soldiers instructing refugees in the use of mobile toilet facilities, and soldiers playing nanny. One can see that the huge military machine of the Allied NATO troops in Macedonia does work …

dokumentary, documentary / 30 min. / DIRECTOR: Gordan Godec / CO-PRODUCER:Wolfgang Landgraeber / CAMERA: Andi Pattke / PRODUCTION: Filmfabrik GmbH / BROADCASTED: 08.05.1999 / NETWORK: WDR