Der inszenierte Crash


(Der inszenierte Crash)

The car mafia of the “Ruhr-district“, also known as "the car crashers" (original: "die Autobumser“ ) has recently evolved into the biggest car mafia in Germany. A group of more than five hundred criminals have worked for years in the City of Essen and its suburbs, where they make millions of euros by arranging accidents with luxury cars to defraud insurance companies. So far, police and insurance companies have been helpless. But now, a special force has been created, in which Essens police and insurance investigators work together to track down the criminals.

dokumentary, documentary / 30 min. / DIRECTOR: Kadir Sözen / CO-PRODUCER:Gerd Monheim / CAMERA: Andi Pattke / PRODUCTION: Filmfabrik GmbH / BROADCASTED: 09.10.1998 / NETWORK: ARD