the soul of Sarajevo

The history of Sarajevo is marked by a deep sense of tolerance. Even in today's Sarajevo, it is still visible. As this tolerance reflects itself throughout society, it does not arise from the mixing of cultures or even the merging into a common nation, but exactly the opposite.
Throughout the centuries the Sarajlija have distinguished their cultures and religions from each other in order to preserve their identity. Having their own space and being able to live their culture, the Sarjilijans grew not only to tolerate those who are different, but also to appreciate and protect them. Even today, individuals are seen as such in Sarajevo, no matter what national or religious affiliation they may have.
In light of this, it’s easier to understand why there are over 30,000 Serbs living there now, even though it was their "compatriots" that left Sarajevo in ruins for four years. Despite this incredible suffering, the Sarajlia still have the power to distinguish between individuals, as they refuse to hate an entire nation...

dokumentary, documentary / 90 min. / DIRECTOR: Gordan Godec / CO-PRODUCER:Petra Schmitt-Wilting / CAMERA: Sahin Sisic / PRODUCTION: Filmfabrik GmbH / BROADCASTED: 18.01.1997 / NETWORK: WDR