Autos – Knete – Krumme Typen


(Autos – Knete – Krumme Typen)

Every Saturday at 4 AM, Essen-Borbeck begins a large scale operation. In a few hours, the gates will open to the largest car market in Europe. This Event attracts traders from all over the world (East and West), as well as fences, car thieves and crooks. Anyone who does not understand how to bargain will pay dearly, and not only cars are being traded. After weeks of snow, the good weather attracts all types of retailers from across Europe. The "drive-in theater' is filled to the last seat. Many have traveled thousands of miles hoping to make a quick buck. The atmosphere of the car market is exotic, with haggling in all languages and payments in any currency. Business here has no boundaries. There are no guarantees, and papers are for amateurs. One can only go by appearances, which can be very deceptive.

dokumentary, documentary / 30 min. / DIRECTOR: Kadir Sözen, Gordan Godec / CO-PRODUCER:Wolfgang Landgräber / CAMERA: Manfred Scheer / PRODUCTION: Filmfabrik GmbH / BROADCASTED: 29.03.1996 / NETWORK: WDR