Kalte Nächte


(Kalte Nächte)

Tomix, Tam-Tam and Mützen-Jacky are children of the street earning their living with music. They travel from one town to the other with their instruments to perform in the streets and in restaurants. Making music is the only thing they have ever learned. They are led by old Mahmud, an alcoholic. He is the one who concludes the business and takes in the money. The children see hardly any of the takings. Mahmud had taken all the children from the street and promised to make them famous. They don´t have any parents, at least, they barely have any recollection of them. Their home was and is the street. And their music, a kind of gypsi music, is about the street. Mahmud really shows little concern for the children. He´s only interested in the money. When blind Aziz joins them, the situation comes to a head. He sees what kind of nasty business Mahmud´s up to with the children. Aziz begins to do what he can for his friends and which becomes a threat for Mahmud...

drama / 1995 Germany / 35 mm / Color / 92 min. / DIRECTOR: Kadir Sözen / SCREENPLAY: Kadir Sözen / PRODUCER: Kadir Sözen / CAMERA: Ertunç Senkay / CAST: Menderes Samancilar, Ferdi Cetinkaya , Volkan Pinardag, Levent Elmas, Rahim Cakmak / PRODUCTION: Filmfabrik GmbH / WORLD SALES: Ventura Film / DISTRIBUTION: Filmfabrik GmbH / CINEMA RELEASE: 03.05.1996 / BROADCASTED: 01.11.1996 / NETWORK: WDR / AWARDS: 9. Adana International Golden Boll Film Festival, Best Film, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Music, Special Award‚ promising young actor award‘ (Rahim Cakmak, Levent Elmas, Volkan Pinardag, Ferdi Cetinkaya) / 32.Antalya International ‚Golden Orange‘ Film Festival Best Music / 6.Ankara International Film Festival Best Director, Best screenplay / 15. Istanbul International Filmfestival - Special Award, international FIPRESCI - Price / 6.Orhon Murat Awards - Best Film - Best Actor (Menderes Samancillar) / 29. Internationale Hofer Film Tage / 6. Filmfestival Lünen / International Filmfestival for Children and Youth, Sousse