In the Name of God

(Im Namen Allahs)
The secret network of Turkish fundamentalists in Germany

The fundamentalist organization Milli Görüş has quietly established a network that uses criminal methods to obtain huge real estate holdings. Based on the conviction of constitutional guardians, this organization is pursuing anti-democratic goals and using Germany as a defense base to fight for an Islamic state in Turkey. As an organization, they are suspected of collecting fraudulent donations and money laundering, in order to supply their Turkish and Bosnian brethren with weapons. They are an organization that openly applauds murder. Until now, Islamic fundamentalists in Turkey only shared the power. But soon, with the help of their religious brethren in Germany, they hope to take over the entire country.

dokumentary, documentary / 30 min. / DIRECTOR: Kadir Sözen / CO-PRODUCER:Wolfgang Landgraeber / CAMERA: Andi Pattke / PRODUCTION: Filmfabrik GmbH, Auftragsproduktion für ARD – Exklusive / BROADCASTED: 19.08.1994 / NETWORK: ARD